From the Source to the Tap

Levels of Water Quality

Standard Level: Municipally Supplied Water

Over 85% of us get our water from a municipal water treatment plant. Water is treated to a basic potable standard and distributed to your home through miles of underground pipe.

Disinfection agents such of chlorine or chloramines are commonly used to get the water safely to your tap.

Since only 1% of water is used for drinking, it is cost prohibitive to treat water to optimal drinking water standards. Additionally, since removing hardness is costly and not a safety issue, few municipalities remove hardness, leaving it up to the homeowner.

Optimal Level: In-Home Systems

Municipally supplied potable water is not necessarily optimal quality.

Optimal water is free of hardness minerals, disinfection agents (chlorine / chloramines), rust, iron, total dissolved solids (TDS) and organics.

Novo Water Conditioning Systems provide you with optimal quality water – soft, luxurious water that is free of bad tastes and odors and other impurities.

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