Soft Water Benefits

Protect Your Biggest Investments with an Appliance That Pays For Itself!

Save up to $480 annually!

  • Gas & electric water heaters cost up to $100/year more to operate

  • Cutting soap & cleaning product use by 50% saves as much as $90/year

  • Damage to fabric can cost as much as $200/year

  • Damage to plumbing & appliances can cost as much as $90/year

Source: Water Quality Research Foundation Battelle Institute Study (2009)

Feel The Difference of Soft Water!

  • – Spot-free and film-free dishes and glassware

  • – use 75% less soap

  • – Cleaner, brighter, softer laundry

  • – No scrum rings in sinks and tubs

  • – Soft, supple skin and silky hair